Global Warming

I've been working on a long term project on the local effects of global warming. Some of these are here on the website and some were recently shown at Mindport in downtown Bellingham. Well, next week some will be at the new Sylvia Art Center next to the museum downtown. 

They should be up for the next gallery walk on April 7th.

Downtown waterfront today

Downtown waterfront today

Downtown waterfront in the not too distant future

Downtown waterfront in the not too distant future

Here's what I just wrote to accompany this:

We have many problems in this country and the world but most pale next to the rapid warming of the planet. If we foul the nest to the point that no one can live here nothing else will matter. 

One of the keys to solving any problem is creating awareness. I was approached by Warren Sheay, a local climate activist, about dramatizing the potential effects of global warming here in Whatcom County. I jumped at the chance. I saw it not only as a technical challenge but also as a way to demonstrate how the path we’re on could change the place we call home. 

These pairs of images are what things look like now and what might happen in the not too distant future. Depending on our actions today, these might be an optimistic scenario.

If you're downtown, stop by and check it out.

More next week